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Solving Sewage Problems at Home: Insights from a Broken Sewer Line Repair Company in Deerfield, Illinois

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Many homeowners in the Deerfield area are familiar with every square inch of their house. But unfortunately, some homeowners forget about one crucial part of their home’s comfort that they can’t see — the sewer pipes. These underground pipes carry clean water into your house so you can cook, clean, and bathe. At the same time, they carry away wastewater from your sinks, baths, and toilets. But a problem like a broken sewer line can impact this process. This is where a licensed plumbing contractor can help.

Are you currently dealing with a sewer line issue at your home? Not sure how to proceed? To help you make an informed decision, this broken sewer line repair company in Deerfield, Illinois is going to discuss some of the key things you should know below.

Common signs of a sewer line issue

Both a clogged sewer line and a broken pipe can show signs of bad smells from your drains. They can also result in water backing up instead of flowing out as it should. But there are also some less common signs to look out for. For example, when only one sink or toilet is not working correctly, it could be a clog. But if multiple fixtures are backing up, this can suggest a broken sewer pipe somewhere.

A broken sewer pipe is a bigger problem than a simple clog because it affects more parts of your home and can cause more damage. If the pipe carrying away the wastewater is cracked or broken, it can leak wastewater into places it should not, which can be unhealthy and damage your home. It’s important to know the difference and immediately act if you suspect a big problem with your sewer lines. This will help you avoid bigger, more inconvenient problems down the road.

Fixing a broken sewer line

Unclog the drain: Sewer lines can get blocked with everyday things like toilet paper, hair, and kitchen grease going down the drain, which blocks the water from flowing freely. A drain snake can unclog minor clogs. But if your DIY repairs don’t work, you should get in touch with a broken sewer line repair company in Deerfield, Illinois. Mishandling plumbing tools or strong chemicals could end up making the problem worse.

Find the pipe: To fix a blocked or broken pipe, you must know where it is. If your home has a crawl space, you might be able to find the problem area on your own. However, if you can’t easily access your pipes, you’ll most likely need to call the professionals. Signs like smelly, soggy patches of ground in your yard often suggest a broken pipe — and that’s when you should call a professional plumber. They can use special cameras to pinpoint the problem inside the pipe.

Assess the damage: You’ll need to know how much damage your sewer pipes have. Pipes can be made from different materials, like PVC, vitrified clay, and ductile iron, and each type has its own vulnerabilities. Aggressive sewer line cleaning methods, nearby tree roots, or even flushing too much toilet paper can damage these pipes. A broken sewer line repair company in Deerfield, Illinois can assess the situation and suggest the best course of action.

Repair or replace: in some cases, you might only need to replace a small portion of your pipe to restore your system. But if your pipes are old, you may want to consider a total replacement to avoid more problems in the future. Replacement can usually be done in one day, but the cost and inconvenience to your day-to-day life can vary, especially if excavation is required to get to the pipes.

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