Broken Sewer Line Repair in Winnetka, Illinois

Things Homeowners Should Know About Broken Sewer Lines: Insights from a Broken Sewer Line Repair Company in Winnetka, Illinois

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A broken sewer line can be a big problem that can disrupt your daily life and make your backyard look and smell foul. If you smell sewage or notice slow-sink drains, these are likely signs that your sewer line (the pipe that carries waste away from your house) has been compromised in some way.

Are you currently dealing with a broken sewer line at your home? Looking for some information on the topic so that you can be prepared for what’s ahead? This broken sewer line repair company in Winnetka, Illinois is going to discuss some of the key things you should know below.

What are some of the common signs of a broken sewer line?

First and foremost, it’s important to figure out whether your sewer line is really broken. For example, if you smell sewage in your yard, this is a sign that the pipe that should carry waste away is probably leaking it into your yard instead.

Slow drainage is another sign of a broken sewer line, as are strange sounds from your pipes. The gurgling you hear with each flush is there because too much air is trapped in the pipes. These signs could point to cracks or fractures in your sewer line.

What are your repair options?

Not too long ago, broken sewer line repairs involved digging up your yard to see the damaged pipe. This excavation would take a long time and decimate the home’s landscaping. But today, broken sewer line repair companies in Winnetka, Illinois use far less invasive methods. These methods protect your landscaping while effectively repairing your broken sewer line.

Pipe lining

If your sewer line has minor damage, like a few small cracks, pipe lining is an effective and minimally invasive repair method. Pipe lining works by having a small tube coated with an epoxy resin inserted in the sewer line. The tube is then inflated so the epoxy sticks to the inside of the line and seals any cracks or damage. The tube is removed when the epoxy cures, leaving a repaired sewer line behind. In many cases, pipe lining can be an effective and long-lasting repair method.

Pipe bursting

When a sewer line is too damaged for pipe lining to work, the pipe bursting repair method can be used. This is a trenchless option where the existing pipe is opened and forced outward by a bursting tool while a new pipe is installed in its position. Pipe bursting reduces ground disturbance, as it only needs a small access hole near your home’s foundation to connect the new pipe.

Choosing the right company for the job.

Sewer lines can break for several reasons, including old or aging pipes, an aggressive tree root invasion, or a clogged sewer. But regardless of the cause, it’s important that you partner with a reputable broken sewer line repair company in Winnetka, Illinois. Their plumbers will have the experience and training to identify and resolve the problem quickly. Ultimately, a good company should be able to restore your sewer line damage without disrupting your life or ruining your yard.

Looking for a Broken Sewer Line Repair Company in Winnetka, Illinois?

Having a broken sewer line on your property can be downright stressful — however, by knowing what signs to look for and your repair options, the repair process becomes much more manageable.

Are you looking for a broken sewer line repair company in Winnetka, Illinois that can inspect your property and determine which repair method is appropriate? If so, R Carrozza Plumbing Co is the top choice. Contact us today at (847) 451-7040 to schedule an appointment.